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A Dictionary of New Epigrams



Don’t waste time worrying about something where your action is impossible.

If you can’t do something about some problem, do something about some other problem you can do something about.

We get better at what we practice, and 10,000 hours of worry will make anyone into a world-class worrier.

The more you worry the more fearful you become, and the more fearful you are the less able you are to find new solutions to old problems.

Convert your worries to concerns, because you can act upon concerns.

Make personal adaptations to inevitable things, and adapt things that can be adapted to your real needs.

Once you have done all you can to solve a problem you can rest contentedly.

We can worry about past, present and future, about our inside state, or about the outside world. That makes six quite different things we can choose to worry about, or not to worry about.

We always feel better when we think about real facts, than when we worry about possible fantasies.

Worry about a sickness makes the sickness worse.

An advantage psychopaths have is the lack of worry and remorse, but it is combined with the lack of love and sorrow.

Where worry about accomplishment can be coped with through skill, practice, practice the skills needed.

Face the ugly truths directly and objectively, then choose the best actions that can be completed; do that and worries will vanish with a little distraction.

The media pours an ocean of worry in our general direction, but it is easy to choose to ignore it.

Any activity is better than any worry.

When you worry about yesterday or tomorrow, you make today miserable.

Don’t worry over spilt milk, your cat or dog will happily lick it up.

Most of your past worries are forgotten about by others, your future worries will never happen, and your present worries don’t exist in reality.

Anticipate problems with antifragile alternatives, so no matter what happens you will be okay. Don’t lock yourself into an exact solution that may fail.

Worry gets what you don’t want out of the past, the present and the future.