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Log chart EVD West Africa thru September 3, 2015

This logarithmic chart updates the cases and deaths from the West Africa Ebola outbreak to September 3, 2015, and compares them to major historical wars and epidemics.

According to the WHO – Ebola Situation Report – 2 September 2015 – there were 3 confirmed cases of Ebola virus disease (EVD) reported in the week to 30 August: 2 cases in Guinea and 1 in Sierra Leone. The case in Sierra Leone is the first in the country for over 2 weeks. This EVD outbreak is almost over, but it isn’t over until it is absolutely over, because a single case in January of last year exploded into 28,000 cases total, and without an absolute elimination of the virus that could happen again.

What has been learned because of Ebola.

The CRISPR technology proved that it was possible to create specific vaccines for specific diseases quickly. That is important because it demonstrates the possibility of eliminating all diseases from the human population in the next few years. That statement is obviously speculative, but no longer absurd. Five years ago it would have been ludicrous.

Creating digital response packages for all potential diseases is easily doable, and setting up a health monitoring network of people could make it possible to discover an emergent disease and then distribute these disease-specific packages in local languages immediately.

Create kindly funeral practices that are respectful of the dead and safe for the mourners. Basically avoid the effluvia of sick and dead people, because those fluids are highly infectious.

Generate vaccines for wild animals and domesticated ones too that would help those animals be healthier and thus better able to fight off all other diseases.

With infectious diseases, getting in very early with appropriate responses would be much cheaper economically as well as eliminating suffering and death.

CRISPR is a very powerful tool and as restrictions are impossible there must be methods developed to counter its bad effects.