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As we grow older some of us move on from getting all that we can for ourselves, on to helping our family and social group succeed with some important goal, and then sometimes to helping humanity, and all life in general to live more abundantly. Once we have satisfied our personal needs we want to make a difference in our society, and the bigger the difference we can make the better we feel; and when we see other people living better lives because of something we did, it feels good. Knowing we helped other people, even when we don’t personally see the results, can be gratifying. It is the feedback from knowing we did good that feels good. Since we know this is true for ourselves we should be aware that other people feel that way too, and therefore we should give them positive feedback for their good deeds.

Watch around you and notice the amount of negative feedback versus positive feedback that people give one another.

Be a positive giver! It takes little effort and everyone needs it.