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Some people claim they are eternal spirits floating through the universe and temporarily inhabiting a human body.They speak with a personal conviction, but I don’t see their evidence as convincing to me, and I would have to have their personal experiences for me to even consider that idea as worth pursuing. I am not against it, but without evidence it seems like a futile quest. Also, being a single mind, for such an unreasonable idea to be accepted I would doubt my own experience and would seek the acceptance of several doubting but objective people with skin in the game. That would be a level TST~14, on the Trustworthiness of Information chart, and the present information best fits TST~0, and is a TST~2 at best.

Other people claim they value people who value other human beings for being human. They realize that there is a vast variety of what a human spirit may be and they choose to value them all, and only temporarily avoid others when they clearly manifest hostility. When the opportunity presents itself they try to establish a cordial relationship with even the most troubled people.

Perhaps the way to maximize one’s humanity is to spend as much time as possible with the most fully developed humans available. The easiest way to do this is by reading the fully developed humans and by watching them on TV. That is limited because it is just observational, it’s one way, but at least it gives a person an exposure to how a more fully developed human than oneself might behave. Of course you must have some idea of what a more fully developed human would look like, and that may be found on the Paths to Human Maturity chart.

When you identify people more mature than yourself, spend time with them.