A Dictionary of New Epigrams


Doing a good job of taking care of your present problems gets you in a good position to take care of your future ones.

It is guilt-free to think about the future, instead of the present or the past, because you can’t be held responsible for as yet undone future actions.

Your only relationship with the past or the future is always in the present.

The better you take care of today, the better you take care of tomorrow.

We are never far away from the present, from the here and now.

Your conscious past isn’t much of your thirteen-billion-year unconscious past.

All you need to be happy now is to choose to be content with what you have now.

Exposure in the future of what you have done in the past is worrisome in the present.

In every present moment you can choose to be tranquil with yourself.

The eternal present is always the perfect blend of the past and future.

Do your good deeds now and put off your bad deeds for tomorrow, and before that tomorrow comes change those in a way that makes them into good deeds.

Do the good things today and let all the others go undone.

The more comprehensively you can comprehend the past, the more comprehensively you can outline the future.

Prepare now for the future by using the past.

Today is the best day of your life if you have lived your yesterdays well, and tomorrow will be even better if you live today well.

The eternal question is, “What should I be doing now?”

Regret for the past or anxiety for the future is killing the present.

Behave appropriately to the situation in the present.

Right now begin being what you want to be in the future.