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Often you may wonder at the behavior of people, and ask yourself why they behaved in some way that was unexpected by you. No doubt there are multitudes of ways to see into a person’s motivations, but this post is about spontaneous emotions in response to unexpected situations. Observe: ?

  1. What makes them laugh
  2. How do they treat animals, flies, plants
  3. How do they treat people with power
  4. How do they treat people without any power
  5. To whom are they kind
  6. What makes them angry
  7. What makes them cry
  8. What they will argue about
  9. What do they do when shown disagreeable facts
  10. What do they complain about
  11. How they cope with failure
  12. How are they prepared for opportunities and disasters
  13. What behavior in other people will they defend
  14. What will they support with money and actions
  15. What do they do with extra money and extra time
  16. What people do they choose to spend free time with
  17. What do they do about public things they don’t like
  18. What do they lie about
  19. What is their relationship with alcohol

This is just a list, but it does give you an idea of things to think about, both about another person and about yourself.

Follow in the footsteps of happy old people.