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Receiving love is the goal of sending love. In the human development groups I’ve been attending lately there is a lot of talk about feeling love for someone, but I have been challenging those statements along the lines of, the feeling of love is totally internal, it’s totally personal. If the love isn’t expressed in some external way toward that other person, then the love being felt won’t be communicated. The love that is held inside dies when the person dies, or when they move on to other thoughts or feelings.

Unless love is expressed externally it vanishes, but just being expressed isn’t enough, because it must be expressed in some way that is successfully communicated, and even that communication isn’t enough, because it must be accepted, and the proof that it has been accepted is when it is reciprocated; that is, it is clearly demonstrated when the other person shows their appreciation by responding in a mirror-like way. The mirroring is necessary because it is instantaneous, and all other behaviors might be for some other motivation, totally alien to the feeling being offered.

Give your love in a way that can be mirrored instantly.