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My friend M… was responding to people’s statements of feelings of abandonment, and he did something astonishing. He looked fully at the person expressing that sentiment, and said in an intense, heartfelt way, “I will never leave you!” He is a professional personal counselor, and he said that one of people’s primal dreads is being abandoned. He has personal experience of having been emotionally abandoned by some of his family members. He said abandonment is more pointed than just moving to another city and slowly, over the years, losing contact. It is having someone directly stating that they don’t like you, that they don’t value your company and they don’t want to be in your presence ever again. That’s devastating!

Having endured absolute rejection like that, he thought about abandonment a lot and that he is why he chooses to assure people that he will never leave them. He will be a true friend, and even if there are personal difficulties he will do everything he possibly can to maintain a close relationship. There have been many people come through his life, just as has happened with the rest of us, and many of those people he will never seen again, but he says there is still a bond, and he will be immediately available.

Having expressed those sentiments much better than I have here, he then went around the dozen of us and looking at each person directly he said, “I will never leave you!”

I assure you, that it’s quite an experience having a powerful shaman look you directly in the eye, and say, “I will never leave you!”