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We are always living in the moment. We have no choice about that simple fact, and when we realize it intellectually we can make some choices about how we are going to relate to our present now, and we can in doing that set the habit into motion as to how we are going to relate to our future moments. It takes a moment of consciousness, an intentional thinking about what our present instant of reality consists of, so it requires a bit of personal effort. Reading about this in books, and listening to speakers promoting their conceptions of your now won’t help you one bit if you don’t do the mental work yourself.

Sometimes there will be various kinds of unpleasant moments in your life, and many people will simply try to suppress those kinds of moments. They pretend that ugliness doesn’t exist, but as your unpleasant feelings arose out of your natural responses to whatever it was that was happening in the moment it is part of you. Therefore it should be accepted as belonging to you and worked through rather than suppressed. Running away from yourself is impossible, and relating to your reality with your conscious responses, rather than your unconscious reactions, will usually bring you to a better outcome.

When a person becomes overcome with any emotion they stop thinking, they react with their lizard brain, they become totally predictable as being in a fight, flight or freeze mode. But, when people are enthusiastic and positive they are capable of thinking and exploring new ideas and new options for behavior. Avoid getting into situations where fear will well up, because it makes your actions rigid.

Before you begin any action commit yourself to an enthusiastic demeanor.