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I published the Disaster Scale on May 1, 2006, and have used it to place a numerical perspective on the tragedies encountered by humanity. It begins with the killing of a single socially significant person, such as Archduke Ferdinand, that triggered World War One, and then goes up by the number of zeros added to the base number. Thus, a billion deaths would have nine zeros following the number. The chart then has a heavy line, and below that the measure changes to the number of survivors of the mega-disaster, and ends with fourteen zeros representing a single survivor. Some background articles

Measuring disasters on a scale permits rational comparisons.

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Probaway - Disaster Scale
Click below for a list of the wars of the last hundred plus years from – http://www.scaruffi.com/

Wars and Casualties of the 20th and 21st Centuries

A partial list from 2000 to the present:

2001-: Afghanistan’s liberation war – USA & UK vs Taliban (40,000) DISS~4
2001-: Nigeria vs Boko Haram (16,000) DISS~4
2002-: Cote d’Ivoire’s civil war (1,000) DISS~3
2003-11: Second Iraq-USA war – USA, UK and Australia vs Saddam Hussein’s regime and Shiite squads and Sunni extremists (160,000) DISS~5
2003-09: Sudan vs JEM/Darfur (300,000) DISS~5
2004-: Sudan vs SPLM & Eritrea (?) DISS~?
2004-: Yemen vs Houthis (?) DISS~?
2004-: Thailand vs Muslim separatists (3,700) DISS~3
2007-: Pakistan vs Pakistani Taliban (38,000) DISS~4
2011-: Iraq’s civil war after the withdrawal of the USA (150,000) DISS~5
2012-: Syria’s civil war (200,000) DISS~5
2013-: ISIS in Syria, Iraq, Libya (?) DISS~?
2014-15: Ukraine’s civil war (6,000) DISS~3

As horrible as these numbers are, even combined they are under one million deaths, compared to many individual events of the 20th Century that killed a million people or more: 1908 Belgium – Congo 8 million, 1911 Chinese Revolution 2, 1915 Ottoman slaughters 2, 1918 WW One 20, 1921 Soviet revolution 5, 1920 Russian civil war 1, 1937 Chinese civil war 2, 1931 Japanese Manchurian 1, 1933 Soviet Union vs Ukraine 10, 1937 Stalin’s purges 13, 1945 World War Two 55, 1949 China civil war 1, 1947 India partition 1, 1950 China vs Tibet 1, 1953 Korea 3, 1961 China’s Great Leap 38, 1973 Vietnam 3, 1969 China’s Cultural Revolution 11, 1991 Ethiopia 1, 1978 Menghitsu 1, 1979 Cambodia 2, 1988 Afghanistan 1, 2002 Sudan 2, 1997 Congo 1, 1994 Rwanda 1.

That adds up to very roughly 186 million deaths in conflicts with over a million deaths, and there were obviously many other conflicts with fewer people killed. So once again very roughly there were two million deaths from conflicts per year for the one hundred years of the 20th century, but in the last fifteen years there were only one million deaths, counting even smaller conflicts. That makes the current rate of military deaths at very roughly 67 thousand per year and that is only a rate of one thirtieth the twentieth century rate. (1/30)

As horrible as the world presently is, it is only 1/30 as bad as the 20th century.