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April 13, 2006 seems like yesterday. It’s when I created the EVOS scale chart for measuring the evolution of information. It seems pertinent now because it appears we are on the cusp of moving into EVOS~11. That is defined as Species Creation (Speecre) where humans are generating new species in the laboratory  and these themselves are storing and creating information. The typical conditions observed at the beginning of the process are the ability to generate definable DNA code, and to precisely insert it into viable DNA.

This process permits the preferential reproduction of genes to preselected requirements and permits the creation of new species of living things to fit new-found needs. These new needs are observed by humans, and they are the ones who choose what code is needed to produce the desired new outcomes. The reactions which develop during these processes are adapting the new organism and its code to fit its new environment. At the end of this process there will be these new organisms and advancing research labs exploring what might be built upon these latest developments. The problems and limitations that will be created from this growth involve the control, ownership and effects which themselves generate new fears along with the new bounties.

EVOS is a scale for measuring the evolution of information from the Big Bang to Universal culture

EVOS is a scale for measuring the evolution of information from the Big Bang to Universal culture

One of the exciting things about this development of EVOS~11 abilities is that it is pulled forward by goals. Evolution to this point is primarily driven forward by adaptation to current specific existing environments. The forward pulling process has been called the Omega Point (Ω·), but that was defined with a fantastic otherworldly spiritual meaning. The new ultimate point will be a Universal conversion of matter to an organized information entity attempting to convert everything into itself. It is difficult to imagine what a “brain” the size of the Universe would choose to think about, so calling it Spiritual, meaning something beyond our ordinary comprehension, isn’t too bad for starters. The entity nomenclature that would precede (Omega Point) Ω· would be (Psi) Ψ . That Ψ would be the physical entity that would contain the ultimate information called Ω· . The point of this post is that humanity is right now transitioning to EVOS~11, and is starting to explore the beginnings of EVOS~12.

Life is a step in the process of organizing information.