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Yesterday I posted here an outline of the experimental tranquility – contentment meditation, and this morning a dozen of us discussed for a while how we were going to do a new upgraded meditation. When discussing our two previous experiments, in which everyone had participated at least once, and most had done both, we hit a snag. It concerned the subtleties of the wording, and everyone agreed that they wanted to be in control of their own thoughts. Some people just couldn’t feel tranquil with their own thoughts, nor content with the external world, and when they tried to think those thoughts their cognitive dissonance ruined their concentration. Also, my leading the group seemed a little manipulative to some of our group, which seemed strange to me because we often do various kinds of organized group interactions. I announced that there would be a bit of an intentional mental challenge during the transition stage between the inner moments of meditation and the external moments. There came a moment when everyone was getting into an excited state, “Let’s do it! Let’s go! Let’s GO!” I did close to what was published yesterday, and because of our conversation we agreed to add the words “I choose to … ” to each of our different mental states.

It all went well, and no one cracked up during the interruptions. And, after the last part which was intended to be energizing, everyone appeared tranquil, contented, and ready to cope with their realities. I suspect it was meaningful to everyone, and several people expressed enthusiasm for what they felt. In the after discussion, we developed the idea that the terms used should include, “in this moment”, so the temporal statements would be more like, “In this moment I choose to be tranquil with all that I was before this moment,” etc., through “I choose in this moment to be content with all the external world that is to come.”

When challenged we can enter a tranquil state and react with intelligent wisdom.