Close up of planatoid Pluto, compared to Disney's cartoon dog Pulto.

A pretend image of Disney’s dog Pluto as seen on Pluto.

The image of “The Man in the Moon” was pointed out to me when a child, but no one ever mentioned that Disney’s cartoon character Pluto would be visible to me as an old dude on what has been known almost all my life as the planet Pluto. (I modified an image screen grabbed from Google. If this violates someone’s sensibilities let me know before you freak out with some violation of a common image that’s been around since 1930’s.)

Here it is 2:16 PM and I haven’t checked the internet since downloading the image of Pluto, and perhaps everyone on Earth is now aware of it by now, or perhaps not, so enjoy a little chuckle, or not, it’s up to you. My apologies to the astronomers for trivializing their work. It is absolutely not intended, but we Earthlings need our chuckles. When I look at it again, it looks like stuff is coming out of his mouth. Is he is barking out orders or perhaps belching garlic fumes? The problem with statements like this is that they are like earworms, and stick in ones perception and corrupt reality far to well.

I don’t know what the visual equivalant to earworms is but eyeworms seems appropriate.