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The Tranquility—Contentment meditation has been in my thoughts and conversations these last few weeks, and people always seem to respond positively to it. Every conversation is different, but the idea of including the words “I choose” seems appropriate in all of the statements.

1. “I choose to feel tranquil about my past.” “I choose to look at the reality that is before me.” “I choose to accept the whole of past reality.” And so forth, for all of the statements. Bringing in the words, “I choose” implies the moment this is being said is a moment of free will, and the whole sequence covers the internal and the external, and it covers the past, present and future of these too.

2. When we do the second part, where we pull in the energy of the Universe, we can here too imply a present moment of free will by saying, “I pull into my heart the energy of the Universe.” “I give back compassion.” “I pull into my mind the wisdom of all being.” “I give back kindness to help others find their way.” “I pull into my soul the transcendent being.” “I give back everything.”

3. “I am present.” “I am attentive.” “I give my best.” “I abandon it to the cosmos.” “I repeat.”