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Since Alfred Marshall published Principles of Economics in 1890, it has been assumed that human wants are infinite. “Human wants and desires are countless in number and very various in kind.” The derivative thought is that by appealing to those limitless wants the economy of the world is potentially infinite, and there can be an infinite amount of money made by supplying those wants with goods.

The advertising industry has flourished for a hundred years stimulating desires for multitudes of items that can be purchased, and economies have thrived on producing the goodies, and workers have earned wages by supplying the labor to make the goods. These laborers then also form a ready market for purchasing the goodies, and the mass production technique has driven the prices down, and now robots have driven the prices to even lower levels.

Now a problem has arisen: The machines and the various forms of robots are replacing the workers, and the workers aren’t earning enough money to buy the goods. They become idle, bored, feel meaningless, angry, and rebellious. It was thought a hundred years ago that workers would use their new-found idle time to improve themselves with education and then be in a position to make even higher wages performing more satisfying work. However, the working class doesn’t seem to be motivated by self-improvement anymore, and instead are spending their free time watching mind-numbing game shows and soap operas. Perhaps another generation of this form of progress will put humans into TV couches supplied with a high quality Occulus’s full dimensional media and a continuous heroin drip. It is similar to the Chinese death houses in the 1960s movie Mondo Cane, where people who needed to die went on a continuous drug-induced reverie until they died.

This blog has pursued a different goal for humanity, that of finding tranquility with oneself, and contentment with the world around oneself. It is not difficult to live this life style, after one realizes the emptiness of pursuing the baubles foisted by the economically driven corporations and ignores the pain-driven media.

Choose to limit infinite desires for fantasies to easily attained tranquility for what exists.