The EarthArk Project is still the right way to save species


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There is an article in the BBC news yesterday, Scientists rush to freeze plant DNA before ‘sixth extinction’, that rekindled my thoughts on my many posts on the EarthArk. It seems, according to this article, there is a massive rush to save all the species of the world. That assertion strikes me as strange because I have received almost zero interest in The EarthArk Project. At present it is difficult to find it, even with a delimited Google search, even though there is an abundance of other inane stuff that percolates to the first page.

Some quotes from the article: “The project is part of the Global Genome Initiative, which aims to gather and preserve the DNA of all life on Earth in cryo-storage facilities.” Many are “already growing in botanic gardens. Most can be found within a five-mile (8-km) radius of Washington, DC.” “A growing international network of cryo-storage facilities is taking part in the Global Genome Initiative. There are 25 so far on every continent except Antarctica.”

It is wonderful that the Global Genome Initiative is being developed; however, the statement that there are 25 of these genetic banks apparently spread across 25 locations everywhere except Antarctica is strange to me. Antarctica is the exact place where they should be putting the major effort, because some places in Antarctica are cold enough for permanent storage for thousands of years without any human supervision. The cryogenic containers in the existing Global Genome Initiative must be maintained constantly by human intervention, and if the containers ever come to room temperature for very long all their work is lost forever. If the grid power is lost, the containers must be chilled with alternate power like gas-powered generators, but if the fuel runs out the whole system fails.

A simple shipping container set into the Argus dome in Antarctica at 13,000 feet altitude, which is even higher than the South Pole, would never come above -40°C, and at that temperature there is no biological activity. If DNA can be recovered from 30,000-year-old Neanderthals found in temperate regions of Europe, certainly DNA would survive in much better condition and for a much longer time on the Argus dome.

In the BBC article it was mentioned that a high percentage of the world’s species live within a five-mile radius of Washington, DC, in botanical gardens. That isn’t comforting. See The Doomsday Clock chart created by the Atomic Scientists themselves. When we are discussing subjects like surviving the 6th extinction the ugly existential problems must be addressed, and a five-mile radius of the Capitol is within the fireball radius of a larger H-bomb. In the long run, that is millions of years, we must consider that location as too high a risk for a DNA storage bank. As I write this there may be hundreds of these weapons aimed at that exact spot. The genetic storage bank at Svalbard is equally useless in the long run, because of obvious warm weather, and being a bomb target. I am unfamiliar with the other 23 they are referring to, but one would hope some of them would survive a year without dedicated human help. The EarthArk would survive easily, forever, and it should be built immediately.

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There is also many posts on The Life Haven Project, aimed more at saving animal families than plant DNA.

Thanks to Duncan for alerting me to the BBC article.

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