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It’s inevitable that evolving technologies will affect one another, and the question becomes how can we forecast the probable interactions to improve the world. With speculations of doable ideas it is reasonable to put some practical limits because there is a tendency to speculate into pure fantasy. First create a list of existing and probably evolvable technologies, and then do some five-year projections on potential interactions between them and combinations of them. Here is a Wikipedia list of some emerging technologies, and below are a few to select from to illustrate the idea of interactions.

CRISPR – The ability to insert any DNA code into any species.
Oculus – The creation of interactive visual 3D environments
Robots – Mechanical machines that replace human physical labor
3D Printing – Unique objects, living prosthesis
Internet – Worldwide high-speed data interaction
Big Data – Discovering relationships via in depth analysis of data
Chips – The conversion of massive amounts of silicon into memory
Solar – Conversion of sun and wind into energy
SAT – Concentration of intelligence, connection, and money
Debt – Enslavement of the public thru inescapable economic obligations
Entertainment – Control of the public’s thoughts, emotions, goals
Politics – Manipulating public via money, surveys, big data

It is possible to pick any two from the list and ponder how they might be interacting in five years. An obvious interaction will be 3D printing and CRISPR, where personally adapted and modified living tissue will be created for replacing failed natural organs. Another easy one is Oculus and Robots, where the robots might be largely autonomous but have an oculated human monitoring some large number of them for compliance and decision-making. Chips and Politics, where massive amounts of information are maintained on super cheap media on all individual people so the politician might serve their needs more accurately. Oculus and Entertainment is certain to be a major entertainment venue in five years when the quality and quantity of material is available and affordable.

Those are obvious, but what about some seemingly unrelated items like SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Tests) and personal Debt? – where an individual’s potential productivity, as measured by SAT-like examinations, is closely linked to their ability to purchase education, housing, medical attention. That seems like a simple projection of what has been happening for sixty years, but it will tighten up as the ability to project a person’s productivity will become more accurate.

When looking over the list of gross possibilities, that could easily be expanded, it is easy to speculate on how they might interact with each other. At the moment the public isn’t very informed on the relationships pending between CRISPR and Politics, but in five years it will probably be a major point of contention. What could be the effect of 3D printing on Entertainment is impossible to know in particular, but there will be personally crafted items made for individuals.

What will you value in five years?