A Dictionary of New Epigrams


Having an important life goal is the key that opens the door to an interesting life.

What we accomplish daily affects how we feel about ourselves, so do some good things well and live happily.

Important work is a release from life’s drudgery.

Choose your work, hobbies, and entertainments to be helpful to yourself and others; then moving from one thing to another will feel important and therefore fulfilling.

Doing things you know are important brings you out of depression, makes you feel better, and thus helps your body recover from its injuries more quickly.

Being where you have nothing important to do is a punishment.

You know you have found an important goal when its routine work tasks are pleasurable.

What your body is doing at the moment isn’t what makes you happy, it’s how you feel about what it’s doing, and that’s dependent on how you feel about its importance.

People feel that the work that other people are doing is important in direct proportion to their advancing their life’s goals.

All of us are dependent on human society, so giving our efforts to helping society function better is automatically helping other people and is therefore important.

Every one of us is replaceable, even Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tzu and Einstein, but every individual can contribute to our well-being and therefore is important.

The main difference between happy and depressed people is how eagerly they do their work.

Our personal work is to become a more mature human, and to move on from striving for adolescent pride, from earning possessions, from helping our group prosper, to showing humanity the way forward.

All work is observed in physical production, but great thoughts without expression go to the grave and become meaningless, not even trivial, just gone.

Having humanity-improving goals and tasks automatically eliminates boredom, waste, and debauchery.

We only use those things that come to our attention, and therefore we should keep our goals, problems, tasks, and tools where they will easily come to our attention.

Love is manifested toward another in the accomplishments of directed work.

The great task is to create a vision for humanity to pursue that creates a better world for everyone, where it is easy for every person to be engaged in promoting the improvements.

If you choose to do important things, you will enjoy doing them, and thus will never have to do boring work.

If what you are doing is not beneficial to you and someone else, stop doing it and find something to do that is beneficial.