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I recently attended a lesson in how to reach a more joyous emotional state, but what I want to do here is to make a similar procedure available to a rational stoic. My form of stoicism is to encourage tranquility within oneself and to be content with the world as it is. That means living one’s life well within what is readily available, ignoring impossible things, and not grasping after difficult-to-obtain trivialities. The procedure suggested below is as easy as seeing, breathing, and feeling; doing it occasionally will help you to keep in touch with yourself and with the world around you.

Typically with meditations a person retreats to a quiet place where there will be no distractions, and for the first few attempts at this new procedure that is recommended; however, as you develop some skill with these meditations it is better to enhance the distractions until ultimately you can do these types of meditations in an infinitely difficult situation, without outward appearance of doing anything whatsoever.

Begin by mentally placing yourself in a quiet room, in a quiet wilderness, in a quiet world. This can physically be in your own room or anyplace, because it is the idea of quietly taking control of your inner space and your external infinity. Do three quiet breathing cycles then turn slightly toward the wall to your left, and slowly do one breath cycle while visualizing these words “I am tranquil within myself.” Turn to your front and do one breath cycle while observing but thinking nothing, and then turn slightly toward the wall to your right and with one slow breath cycle visualize, “I am content with the world.” Return your mind to the center, observe and think of nothing. Do this cycle of events three times and then pause at the center and do three slow deep breaths.

Slowly turn your attention upward and as you breath in, visualize a flow of energy descending into your whole being, filling you to your maximum, then slowly blow this breath and energy straight forward and out within your outstretching arms. Let it exist out in front of you for three seconds then pull it firmly into your heart. Breathe in and blow slowly out again and then pull the energy into your head; inhale again and blow the energy out again, then pull it into your belly. Take three slow breaths and open your eyes and smile with tranquility upon your world which you choose to be contented with.

A tranquility and contentment meditation for everyone, even atheists and stoics.