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There is no time off from breathing. There is no time off from doing things that are fundamental to the Universe for the Universe, or for you for you. Those things that are really important you must do every day.

A couple of days ago I was briefly expounding on my view of reality and how I liked to look at the complete picture, including the ugly and evil aspects of things, and then step back and find the most positive thing that can possibly be done to fix things, and then find the most positive thing that I could do to support that, and most important, do it.

I thought it was a comedy act when a woman put her hands over her ears and started talking loudly to drown out my words with her loud positive protestations. After about fifteen seconds of that strange behavior she got up and walked out of the room, still talking affirmations. She always and in every way only looks at the positive things. I stopped talking immediately, and she came back in and explained why she had shut me out. She said that to eliminate evil things from her personal reality she totally rejected them and when she did that with enough conviction the evil ceased to exist. She said that if everyone did that all evil would vanish and be gone forever. I too said I wish it were so, but wishing doesn’t make things come true; it’s right actions that make things come into being. To me this was another example of Augustine’s beautiful lie,  Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe. That idea without doubt sometimes has positive applications, but as a strategy for coping with the real problems of the real world it tends to favor fantasy solutions that only work in fantasy worlds, and doesn’t bring real solutions to real problems in the real world; and problems by their very nature have a negative aspect.

Later there was a similar conversation about how poorly modern American youth were behaving, being so caught up in materialism, versus how beautiful the Muslim kids were because of their profound dedication to their religious beliefs. Those kids that person had seen on a TV show were willing to be suicide bombers because of their deeply felt beliefs. I responded with the terrible fact that those Muslim kids had been raised in a world of horrible destruction and pain and that they were willing to kill and to die to escape from their community’s ongoing pain. They were hoping to go to a better life after death that was promised to them by their religious leaders who were also caught up in that world of pain.

The American kids were raised in a world of relative pleasure and security, and they were seeking the good things in life; and the Muslim kids were raised in a world of pain and threats of destruction and were seeking a release from their pain. Prayer followed by suicide is the last hope for the hopeless. Praying every day gets one really skilled at praying, but if those prayers are for things that are based on never-to-be-obtained hopes, then the daily prayers only make them more skilled at hoping for impossible dreams. Prayer is what rational people turn to after they have explored all of the reasonable responses to their life situation.

If you are going to do something well, do it every day, but  choose it wisely so it will be helpful to everyone.