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This blog is about your uncertain future, and mine. You and I have no choice but to suppose that the future and all physical reality will progress in an orderly fashion. Obviously all reality beyond the Earth is beyond our personal control, and all humanity has only lofted a few pounds of space vehicle to moving beyond the Sun’s gravitational influence. That is meaningful, because there are 10 with 23 zeros after it other stars, mostly with planetary systems, that we have no influence upon. You must face the fact that you are a very small part of overall reality, and that you are also a very big part of your personal reality. I mention these simple observations because many of the people I know believe they will personally, with their own spiritual consciousness, explore the whole of the Universe for all eternity. They believe that if they hope something they want devoutly enough to be true that not only will it become reality for them, it already has, and it is reality for their entire Universe.

I choose not to challenge people in their beliefs because my fundamental relationship with people is to help them achieve their personal goals. What I do try to help them with is to move toward their goal that I believe is beyond those overly hopeful personal projections. What I aim for is to help them to live their present lives more fully. It is beyond my power to help others to achieve most of their aspirations for wealth and power and infinite life, but I can help others to see the value of living well with what they have readily available.

To help others to live within their reality is something I can do, and so can you.