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Since our store of habits shapes and regulates all our behavior and being, the assemblage of them shouldn’t be left to chance and random learning of those habits.

Whatever we would put into our store of habits should be practiced intentionally; and if we would not choose to make some action a part of our store of habits, we must never do it, not even once, but in that moment of consciousness, just before an action, choose to do something more worthy and do it purposefully.

We at present have a vast assemblage of individual but rarely used habits learned in our childhood, some of which may no longer be appropriate for our later years. When we feel one of these old habits about to manifest itself we may pause and choose to do something more useful to our more mature life situations that are here and potentially coming. Opportunities for these habit changes occur when unusual difficulties happen that perk up our consciousness and compel us to think. Habits don’t just happen; they have precursor stimuli, and it is at that moment we can change what we do, and will tend to do in the future, because this is the moment when a new habit forms. Practicing this habit formation as a conscious habit will grow exponentially, because as we get better at doing it we have a greater base upon which to grow.

When we choose to advance our abilities to cope with our coming realities we must overwrite our old habits with new ones that will function better. To do that requires that we make appropriate use of what is available and cope with what comes when it comes.

When some action doesn’t seem right, that is the moment to choose a better habit.