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One of the groups I attend got into a two-hour discussion of beauty. It was a wide-ranging discussion that was light-hearted and fun, and with over a dozen people participating we had a plethora of opinions and some quotable moments. What I say here is my take on what happened.

“If the thing you look at isn’t beautiful you need to change the way you look at it,” which was reasonably profound but then a jokester modified it to, “If the thing you look at isn’t beautiful you need to change your glasses.” We ranged over the concept of human beauty being the average of the local genetic group, to beauty is the appreciation of the moment, and that may be modulated by what people see and think, but it seemed the essence of it is what we feel. When we come to beauty what we feel is more important than what we think, because the words and the stories compounded of words are abstractions, and what really matters to one’s soul isn’t an abstraction, it’s what we feel. There seemed to be an agreement that beauty is always in the human beholder regardless of the medium being considered. But there was a quibble because cuttlefish have an amazing ability to mimic their surroundings, including other cuttlefish for mating purposes, and that seemed to fit something deeper than what we were talking about.

Beauty is a physical thing that stirs our whole being; it is intimate and personal, and it engulfs our whole being, not just our words. But when we project our thoughts outside of our human skin, then everything becomes beautiful in its own way. Everything in the Universe is sublime, and perfect, when viewed in its own way from its own place in time and space. But, for our group, the conversation kept returning to a range of relationships of complexity comprehended in the moment as a simplicity; beauty is felt as a moment of understanding on a deeper level.

We felt like we needed a guide to find our way through the infinity of complexities, but then we would pause; perhaps what we really needed was a hunter searching for a specific thing and going exclusively for that comprehended ideal entity. Oh, no, perhaps we really did need the guide, no, the hunter. It was a struggle between the general and the specific with a few brief flashes of emotionally felt understanding.

The “Universe” is appreciative of our seeking and seeing what it has provided, of our bringing into consciousness and into feeling what potentials were there all along to be experienced. We can explore some of these opportunities, and cuttlefish can explore others, and each and every entity can explore what is available to it alone. Thus we accept what is and call it truth and beauty, but we tend to feel better with all of this exploration of the incomprehensible when we are with people who seem to be feeling the same as we feel. Some choose to see it the way they want it to be, some choose to see it the way nature presented itself, I let my human hopes take a retiring position.

We all are more expansive and explore more deeply when we are not anxious about what our companions are thinking, because we are exploring and finding new ways of observing, and revealing our realities to each other. We are flowing through spaces where we don’t really know where I and my thoughts cease to exist and you and yours begin to exist; we exist in an interpersonal blend.

Some of us were feeling the Universal as beauty, some were thinking of it as truth, and all of us were enjoying it immensely.