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It is always the individual who decides what is true and what is to be attended to for forming their opinion of what action to take in the moment. There are a multitude of inputs coming at every person every second of their life, but it still remains the individual who decides. They may look to authorities of every sort for the input of facts and opinions, but it is still the individual at every instant who is making decisions. Even when there are absolutely no options available, it is still the individual that could have done something differently, perhaps in the distant past, that could have changed the present impossible situation to some other one.

What I am asserting is that every individual is totally responsible for what they are doing. I hear a howl coming from every person that they are not free to choose anything, that they are compelled by circumstance, by parents, by friends, by the law to behave as they do. I hear philosopher types condemning all thought of personal freedom, and brain scientists claiming they can predict what choice a person is going to make in controlled experiments. To which I would say that the individual created the brain structure of habits that lay in the background from which those decisions are arising. We are the matrix of self-created habits, and each of those habits arose in a moment of consciousness where the individual was forced to do something new, or alternately do something that was routine. Either way the person is making the choice and thus making their habit more fixed in the given circumstance, and it doesn’t make the slightest difference that an observed brain wave can predict an action, because it is still the same brain that is making the decision, and making that precursor brain wave.

We decide at every instant what is true, who we are and who we will become, so choose wisely my friendly reader.