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Where in our modern world are the triggers that lead toward anxiety and pain? This is an important question because the greater the anxiety and pain we are carrying with us in our daily lives, the less flexible and less functional our human qualities become. In the oversimplified and briefly stated view, the more anxiety we are carrying the closer to the fight, flight, freeze lizard response system we are functioning at, and the less human we are being.

What causes our anxiety and what can be done to lower it?

People are encouraged by the media to get into a cycle of anxiety, going from generalized worry about events that leads toward the instant relief with a quick answer belief system, that brings on some form of a rigid response of over-control, that gets linked to some generalized causal trigger that is easily demonstrated, and that brings on a panic response, which necessitates buying into some product or taking some anxiety-suppressing drug which itself decreases a person’s ability to cope with the general problems and their own naturally occurring problems. Each of these intentionally created sub-optimal coping mechanisms feeds back into the personal problems and perpetuates the self-sustaining unpleasant cycle. Each of these individual triggers in the cycle has a huge industry of opportunistic predatory exploiters each of which is taking a high percentage of the public’s money.

One thing Americans do is to choose from a long list of drugs like Valium and Xanax, and others like alcohol and street drugs. These are multibillion-dollar industries that claim to help people cope with their pain, but they don’t address the causes of the anxiety and pain, nor do they want to, because that would decrease their sales and profits. It is sad to say, but the modern economy of the world is based on promoting personal anxiety by emphasizing the pain surrounding our thoughts and actions.

When looking at the public economy as seen through the eyes of the public media it is obvious that the whole thing is driven by worry, fear, pain, and panic that is offered to be controlled by the use of drugs, or purchasing status symbols, or supporting governmental weapons of coercion, or belief systems such as religion, and otherworldly mental practices, and psychiatry. The list goes on and on, and perhaps it could include the whole economy. It begins with so-called news, but what is that but a constant source of worry? “If it bleeds it leads” is their newscasters’ slogan. But even seemingly general interest magazines like The Atlantic Monthly are loaded with anxiety-producing articles. If you doubt this assertion, pick up a current issue and read the headlines of the articles. Doing this, while being aware of the anxiety potential created by the headline, will illustrate my point.

When you see how all of these things are increasing your anxiety it become easier to simply ignore the fear mongering and look at the facts behind the story that has anything to do with your life. If it doesn’t concern you directly it makes sense that by ignoring it will lower your personal anxiety, and let you solve your problems with greater flexibility and efficiency. Isn’t it obvious that –

When you have eliminated the sources of your anxiety you will decrease your experiences of anxiety.