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On Probaway WordPress – March 20, 2014 I wrote —

Watch for kindness and you will see it;
Listen for humor and you will hear it;
Strive for wisdom and you will get it.

That was a fine sentiment, and it has been over a year since it was posted, so it would seem I have had ample opportunity to observe the effects of these ideas in action. Well, yes and no; the yes is that I have witnessed many acts of kindness, that is, mostly in the form of being polite beyond the usual dictates of courtesy in personal encounters; and I watch carefully for humor and wisdom too, but all of these attributes seem to have been applicable only to the situations, and I was looking for interactions that require some solid soul-searching and considerable time in thoughtful human interactions. I don’t think that they rise in people who are fully engaged in polite daily transactional interactions. I have to fall back on Probaway – Paths to Human Maturity – chart with explanations post, (see the chart only below) and at least proffer the idea that an individual must be at the sage level to intentionally manifest kindness, humor or wisdom. I only suggest this is needed because I have witnessed examples of these things in others in events that seemed too specific and they didn’t have the universal human applicability that I have been hoping to see.

Paths to human maturity

Paths to human maturity chart published in 1994, and I no longer have that PO box.

People may say they are following the great sages, and sometimes they are very knowledgeable about what those sages said and did, but singing their song isn’t dancing their dance. It is easily observed that those people who talk peace and shout it at the top of their voice are often the most violent in actual behavior. The terms kindness, humor and wisdom aren’t common political words like peace so we don’t have them distorted by political manipulations and historical rewriting by a profit-motivated clergy, and thus tracing those concepts in the sages’ sayings might give a clearer window into their thoughts. Perhaps I ask too much and seek for the impossible, but –

Asking for people to be kind, humorous and wise seems attainable to everyone.