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This discovering blank spots in our human reality is a further exploration into my other explorations of unknowns, unknown unknowns, and unknowable unknowns, and how to prepare for these unknowables using antifragile techniques. We only have potential access to an infinitesimal part of physical reality, and an infinitesimal part of our mental processes as well. For example, there are very approximately 10×1023 planets in the Universe, and we personally have access to only one square meter of our Earth; that square meter portion within our immediate reach on the surface, which totals 1 of 5.1×1014 m2, so adding these two together, we very roughly do not have access to 5.1×1037 m2 surface area of all planets. That of course is a super silly idea, but a number with anything remotely close to thirty-seven zeros after it should be impressive, as it illustrates our miniscule impact on the Universe. Also, our access to our own mental processes leaves us with a similar impossibly impressive number of possibilities, when it comes to the number of possible thoughts we could think. The only reason for stating all of this is to imply that our blank spots in our potential reality are incredibly larger than the single reality we are conscious of at this moment, and still vastly larger than all of our experienced thoughts, and even larger than the summation of all thought ever had by all 100 billion people who have ever lived. It doesn’t matter much to think that thought, but at least once in our journey through life we might pause to consider what a small part in the whole universal thing is our personal realm.

Within the reality which we do have access to there are undoubtedly large blank spots that we might observe if we choose to look, and if the silly numerical analysis above is any indicator those blank spots are vast. All of this inaccessible grandeur doesn’t matter much to our life if we are tranquil within ourselves and contented with the whole of the Universe. When we consider the enormity of what we are immersed within and the extremely miniscule effect we can possibly have on the whole thing, it seems wise to drop back for a moment and consider what we should be doing with our time and energy. When we view our situation from the big picture perspective it becomes obvious that our concerns should be with those things that are important to us personally, to our family, friends, community, nation, humanity, living things, and to potentially living things. We might think for a bit about the things beyond our Earth, because that gives us perspective, but we need not worry about the progress of time, space, matter and energy in the abstract, as they will take care of themselves just fine, without our input. Especially since our input at its most extreme will be trivial.

Infinitely close to everything in the Universe will be unknowable to us forever, but we can choose to enjoy what we do perceive.