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These blog posts have been encouraging socially worthwhile accomplishment. But  there have been some statements made here that have annoyed, perhaps outraged people, such as, “I’m opposed to education” and “To believe the propaganda, ‘Art for Art’s sake’ is a distraction and a waste of your time” and similar things.

What I have been proposing is that human time, effort, and other resources should be put toward a positive accomplishment, and that the definition of accomplishment should be productive of human welfare, or at least living nature’s welfare. Art of any sort needn’t be done for the art itself, because the painting, the music, the movie, whatever, doesn’t feel anything. Those things exist as physical reality in their various forms, but matter outside of a living being doesn’t feel anything, and therefore it doesn’t care. Ava, the beautiful android in the movie Ex Machina, would disagree, but she is still a fictional machine, although perhaps it won’t be long until feelings are built into machines, like Jeopardy! winner Watson … then I must revisit this idea? For the moment it is people who feel, and they are influenced by these various worldly things and they do care, so it is for them that these things are created. It’s human beings that give meaning to the artfully refined matter filled with poetry of emotion.

The flip side of doing things for a purpose is being prevented from doing things that you feel are important. It is a punishment to be prevented from using your abilities and being deprived of opportunities, because it leads to frustration, futility and despair. This need for accomplishment is what makes people into living zombies when they become deprived of possibilities for being productive, like the Unabomber, a brilliant mathematician now permanently isolated in prison. He wasted his own life and others’ lives too.

Do something worthwhile for other people, not something destructive and hurtful, or simply a waste of personal and public resources.