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Today I read yesterday’s prayer for tranquility and contentment to my human development group. It’s a first for such a reading for me. That post was intended only as an outline for creating a sonnet, but as it included the basic ideas I wanted to express it seemed reasonable to let some friends hear it and get some feedback. Although it is a bit long, and rambling too, the concluding couplet idea generated the most keen commentary.

To treat other people in a way that will maximize their tranquility with themselves and support their contentment with the world around them.

There are several professional healers in our group, and the idea of creating tranquility in their patients, some of whom are dying in hospice situations, struck a positive chord with them. It was what they were trying to do, and doing, but they liked the idea of a clear statement at the end of a poem. I wrote several sonnets twenty-some years ago, in a group named Armageddon, one of which I attempted to quote from memory, but only stumbled through.

It’s quite a pleasure having people respond positively to something I’ve done, because it is such a rare event.