This list is created by applying the filter of finding a better way to a real personal life by converting popular sentiments into personal growth statements.

Slogans for a better life.

  1. There is no substitute for character.
  2. Be aware, appropriate and kind.
  3. Live responsibly and conserve resources.
  4. Just do the right thing.
  5. I am what I am, and I choose to do what I do.
  6. Impossible is impossible, so concentrate on the possible and do it well.
  7. Love, madness, obsession interfere with attention, sanity and appropriate acts.
  8. Remember that the other person is always right, at least from their point of view.
  9. Appropriate action is always appropriate.
  10. Success is the reinforcement for doing the right thing.
  11. Innovation is the result of seeing a problem clearly.
  12. Solutions are answers to clearly stated problems.
  13. When something needs to be done now, instantly make done what will make do.
  14. Miracles come to those who ask the right questions.
  15. Believing is the first step to not budging and standing still.
  16. Think big, or think small, but think the right thoughts.
  17. Miracles are only poorly understood happenings.
  18. Where are we going? is always a good question.
  19. Live, play, work, so you may play and live.
  20. Speak out what you know, be cool.
  21. Reveal what you know.
  22. Reveal the heart of your wisdom.
  23. Be human by birth. Humane by choice.
  24. Think right, and act right.
  25. Share your moments of truth.
  26. What you see enters your heart, so filter out the evil visions.
  27. Thought, emotion, and action are never tomorrow; it’s always now.
  28. Your indifference kills everything that you might choose to do.
  29. The only place for you in the Universe is here and now.
  30. Please everyone by pleasing the person in front of you.
  31. Give your best effort.
  32. Your actions always come back to you, as a habit.
  33. Clear away the chaos, to find truth and beauty.
  34. Whenever possible, let your droid do your busy work.
  35. I appreciate the goodness that comes to me.
  36. I choose to be content with everything.
  37. I choose to be tranquil with myself.
  38. Act now, for the little actions may bring unknown rewards.
  39. Design your actions to fit the situations.
  40. Other people are our greatest source of meaning.
  41. Now is always here, use it wisely.
  42. Give happiness, by giving attention and love.
  43. Improper style makes you different, and an outcast.
  44. I love what makes humans human.
  45. Be your own star.
  46. Choose your own way to be good.
  47. Goodness goes clear to the core.
  48. Think outside the box, inside the box, and be the box too.
  49. Be fresh in every moment.
  50. Under-promise, and over-deliver.
  51. Always be here, first, middle and last.
  52. Be your complete you.
  53. If you need a license, get a license.
  54. When we move in, it’s a whole new neighborhood.
  55. Make your productions fit their needs.
  56. Deliver the goods, discard the bads.
  57. Describe clearly what you will deliver.
  58. Good preparations produce good results.
  59. Deliver the real thing.
  60. Be better than good.
  61. Represent quality inside and out.
  62. Give people all the freshness they can handle.
  63. Many little problems make a big problem.
  64. Say what you mean, and mean what you say.
  65. A simple description conveys trust.
  66. Simplify goodness, and make it real.
  67. Commit to what you say and do.
  68. Speak from experience.
  69. Taking risks pays off, sometimes in a good way, but often in a bad way too.
  70. Accept what is offered.
  71. Extravagant claims require extravagant proofs.
  72. Thinking through problems may show the right road, but you must travel it with your actions.
  73. Keep a statement of your goal where you will encounter it often.
  74. Yesterday you said you would act now, and now it’s now, so do it.
  75. I will now finish what I began.
  76. Breathe deep and keep going.
  77. The best intentions wither and die without actions.
  78. Progress towards perfection until it’s good enough.
  79. Perfection is impossible, so make it better until there is no flaw that will attract attention.
  80. When you choose to stop progressing say clearly to yourself you are choosing to stop because the task is done.
  81. You are the one who is responsible for creating yourself.
  82. Keep your actions moving toward what can be done, while your attention scans the options.
  83. Prepare for the tough stuff, by doing similar stuff you can complete.
  84. Maintaining your health is its own reward.
  85. Learn what you can do by doing it.
  86. Always trying your very hardest just informs your competitors of your limitations.
  87. Discover what you can do well, and do it.
  88. Doing nothing accomplishes exactly that – nothing.
  89. Sometimes it’s time to think, and sometimes it’s time to act.
  90. Self-control is created by training your habits.
  91. Complaining brings you down to inaction, and prevents beginning action.
  92. Commit to what you are doing.
  93. Commit to your task and finish it up with enthusiasm.