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A Dictionary of New Epigrams


Every time we review our life we will make those things we remember more real in our memory and imagination; thus to improve our future life we should intentionally improve our past life.

The infinite is here in our present reality every bit as much as it is in faraway places and faraway times of our imagination

The world that we live within is in the imaginations of our minds, but the source of these ideas comes mostly from the world outside of our bodies.

The mind is capable of infinite new ideas, and these can be projected into the infinity of time and space, so long as the brain is available to process the ideas.

A mind is capable of going anywhere, even when the body is imprisoned, and unlimited by normal reality it flies to an infinity of unregulated weirdness and appears insane.

To function well in the future, imagine yourself in a time and place in the future, and ask what tools and preparations do I need to perform my task well.

Most people suffer more in the imaginations of their minds than in the realities of their bodies.

Both imagination and facts are important for accomplishment. Facts get things done, but imagination improves them.

Your imagination has control of your mind, but your environment has control of your body, and your mind is embedded in your body.

The imaginary travel on Google Earth is often as good as physical travel, and much less destructive to the resources of the world.

Imagination always controls our actions, and until worldly facts convince the imagination of their functionality, imagination based on random experience will always control our actions.