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A Dictionary of New Epigrams


One who refuses to observe reality will always be ignorant, and one who bases his actions on ignorance will always behave foolishly.

Observe where others are observing their reality accurately, for it is there that they will be wise, and will be acting wisely.

A great deal of keen intellect is required when the lies needed must be profound.

Better to live quietly with a few good books, than with a gaggle of talkative fools.

Everyone makes mistakes, even Einstein, so be careful that your mistakes don’t precipitate disasters.

An ignoramus is a person who doesn’t have the facts, a fool is one who doesn’t bother to look for truth, a man who refuses to look is about to die, and a corpse is one who can no longer look.

A wise man can often know what is on the other side of a brick wall, a fool sees only the wall, a dead man sees nothing.

Please tell me the truth; please tell me where am I ignorant?

No two people see the same reality, but the reality of the fool injures him.

Men’s lives are shortened by their risky behavior based on ignorance.

The ultimate root of knowledge is gravity. If a man doesn’t understand gravity, and that falling from high places is dangerous, he may rightly be called a fool.

People act as if the perceived quality is the character of the whole. It isn’t.

To understand and to not respond properly is not to properly understand.

If every person who ever lived believed something that wasn’t true, that something is a false, but a deeper truth underlying the words may be giving the consistent effects.

Truth and wisdom are very different concepts. Truth is an accurate verbal description of a reality, but wisdom is based on a record of positive outcomes of relationships with reality.

It is easy for wise men to avoid the folly of fools, and they may grow old comfortably.

The greatest of follies is to cultivate self-destructive habits.

A fool today will be a fool tomorrow. It takes a long time to overcome foolish habits.

Confirmation bias is a fancy wording for not learning because we don’t want to know.

An evil worse than ignorance is willful ignorance.

There is nothing to be gained by arguing with a foolish man; just ask a few questions and quietly move on.