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A Dictionary of New Epigrams


Resilience is the conviction that the goal is worth the effort.

Resilience is different in different situations; sometimes resilience is tough, sometimes it’s flexible, sometimes it’s hard, and sometimes it’s as soft as jasmine scent on a summer night.

Organize your life so your form of resiliency can thrive.

Resilience isn’t coming back for more punishment, it’s coming back to win.

Choose your struggles in those fields where you have the ability to succeed, as there is nothing to be accomplished if you don’t have what it takes to succeed.

Don’t expose your base to overwhelming risk, where a tiny event will destroy your ability to rebound.

Resilience is often thought of as getting up when you have been knocked down, but that isn’t the essence of it — the essence is succeeding at your chosen task.

Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) doesn’t make one more able to cope with unusual stress, because the adaptations learned have been to resist rather than to resolve.

The goal of resilience is to adapt to a situation and to succeed at approaching your goal, and that necessitates becoming more effective at overcoming the obstacles.

The scientific research on resiliency is mostly on recovery from situations that created post traumatic stress disorder, but the most resilient never entered that condition.

Maintain a positive long-term goal orientation, in which distractions and setbacks are an anticipated part of the journey.

Go through your difficult times with keen observations of what brought on the problems.

Maintain an inner attitude of control, even if it is only of your own secret goals and fists.

Resiliency is founded on personal flexibility of choice and timing of action.

Resiliency is rebounding into situations where there is real opportunity to succeed.

Resilience means pushing forward when your competitors are saying quit.

Resilience can be learned by confronting and solving similar problems.

Too much adversity destroys the ability to cope with a problem, but if one has enough personal fortitude and some opportunity they can rebound and be even better.

Resiliency is accepting your new reality and setting forth.

Never abandon your core values and goals, but never let being stopped on some aspect of your goal stop you from moving toward your primary goals.

Resilience isn’t proven by bragging about one’s current success, but by going from defeat to thriving, and seeking a new victory.

The times are always difficult. May we always persevere.