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What would a prayer be like that appealed to everyone? Each religion has a different way of approaching reality, as do scientists and atheists, and it would seem to be impossible to find a prayer that would appeal to all of them; and yet there are things that even dying people of any persuasion could appreciate. For example, “Enjoy this moment.” would appeal to everyone if they have no other option, and “Participate in the world you find yourself immersed within.”  “This is what I am doing now.” These ideas could be applicable no matter what the situation, because they would always provide a purpose for the next action being considered by the mind. No matter how excluded you may feel from participating in some event, perhaps a social event, you always have the option of participating in your own world of thoughts and actions.

“May the world that has brought me into existence and nurtured me, and the experiences I have had, and the habits that I have developed, guide me to becoming the best person that I am capable of being. My best being is helping other people to their goals, and that is best done without any thank you or reward, because they do everything themselves. The only way to avoid rewards is for the helping action to be done in secret, and therefore let my every kindness go unobserved.”