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A Dictionary of New Epigrams


If you don’t do something you won’t get anywhere, and you are eternally stuck where you are.

Take aim and targets appear.

Setting a goal focuses your attention and helps you organize your tools for reaching the goal; with your tools organized you may find a better goal, but you shouldn’t be too quick to change goals.

There is no problem with becoming one with the externals of the Universe; that is inevitable, so it makes sense to accept that as one of your goals.

Until your emotions choose a goal you only have an assemblage of random ideas.

If you don’t choose your goals others will choose them for you.

Without a port and a direction to go all winds are contrary.

Goals create meaning, and without at least one goal all life is meaningless.

Sometimes a goal isn’t a physical location or attainment but an orientation.

Meaning in life is attained while in the struggle to attain your goals.

To be happy you must set your goals to things that are within your power to attain, for if you set your goals on the unattainable you will fail and be miserable.

Happiness is a poor goal, because it is dependent on things that are often outside of your control, or even influence.

Goals are usually invisible at the moment, because they are abstractions in the mind; therefore the more vividly that abstraction can be visualized the easier it is to keep motivated.

Keep your eyes on the goal, keep your feet on the path.

Your goals ultimately come from within, but your inner goals can be controlled by external events, and those events can be controlled by other people.

If your grand goals can be brought to your attention by external stimuli several times per day, you can make many new starts and considerable progress.

Pay attention to your goals and your orientation; you can’t get much of anywhere if you aren’t paying attention and orienting yourself to your goal.

The attainment of wisdom is to know what you really need, for then you can choose what you want, so you can fulfill your need.

Our great goal must always be in alignment with the reality of our situation. Happiness is when you know you are progressing toward a worthy goal.

If you cannot create your own goals, then the next best thing is to accept the goals that other people have thrust upon you, for it is better to have those artificial goals than to live in a world without meaning.

To achieve something you must do something.