A Dictionary of New Epigrams


Let your griefs be short and your recoveries long and lovely.

The way to respond to a great loss is with a great new goal.

Tragedies will happen, but we are the ones who choose to grieve or laugh.

We need not grieve for a life well lived, that responded appropriately to each new moment as it came into being.

When your dog dies a big piece of your heart dies too.

No need to grieve for me when I am gone. I am not suffering, but choose to have a moment of shared remembrance because a laugh that comes to you comes from me too, for I am everywhere now.

You can not share grief with the dead, for they feel nothing.

Life may have its pain, suffering, sorrow, and grief but it also has pleasure, recovery, enjoyment and bliss;  To detach oneself from any of these aspects of life to achieve oblivion is the path of the fool.

Grief is a wound that must not be continually prodded; instead it must be protected from prodding so that it may be healed.

I need not grieve for my dead friend — he will not be comforted — but I must grieve for myself, for it is I who is suffering my former companion’s death.

Grief hurts, so it is best to keep it brief.

Grief for all of the infinity of inevitable things must be an infinite grief, and who can endure that kind of life? Instead choose to live and quickly abandon grief, and participate in all that life has to offer, including its infinite passing away.

When a friend dies one must realize that they were but one of a category, and one can acquire more friends, but when your mother or father dies there is no replacement.

Everything that lives must cease to live in the expanse of time, and that being a fact one must accept, it is wise to limit our grief and move on to other things.

When the time comes for action we must set our griefs aside.

Grief is like the Laocoon snake, slowly squeezing the living breath out of now.

An important task soothes many pains and it’s productive too.

Too much time spent in grief only succeeds in training you to be a skillful griever.