The older I get the nicer I get to other people. I still have a long way to go, because I started off at such a low-level. In grade school I remember that I was known as a ball hog, because when another guy was about to catch a baseball, I would grab it right before he got it. In high school I was known as arrogant and obnoxious. Even when I was in Air Force pilot training people complained at me for swaggering. And even in my years in Berkeley people complained that I was too assertive. Of course all those times I felt I was only being normal.

To all of these people I said, in self-defense, that they were misconstruing my actions, and that when I said or did something they thought of as demanding, I said it was simply a better way to do whatever it was they were doing. People still complain at me occasionally for being too “helpful.” Even with these blog posts many people will complain that they are unfounded opinions about things. To which I will readily agree that they are often new ideas, but once again in self-defense, I will assert that I have tried the things I suggest and they work. I usually say that they should try these things themselves, and report back their results, good, bad, or indifferent.

Where is the obnoxious indifference in that? Earlier today I was talking briefly about the EarthArk project, probably for about a minute, and certainly less than five minutes, and my intelligent companions launched into saying let humanity die, that the Earth would recover in a hundred million years, like it did after the dinosaur extinction. I am surprised that when I say my primary long-term goal is to help humanity to prosper, that many people immediately challenge that as a foolish goal. These are honest, well-employed, successful American people, and it leaves me wondering just how common those types of beliefs are among our nation’s public, and humanity in general.

A scientific study was mentioned where medical doctors were tracked to see which ones were being sued for malpractice. The results were that the quality and success of the operations had little correlation with the complaints, but what did correlate was how friendly the doctors were to their patients. Doctors who were perceived by their patients as caring about their individual welfare were rarely sued. Of course to become a doctor requires years of dedication to the well-being of their future clientele, and one would assume that those doctors who did get sued did have sustained compassion for humanity. I mention this because, as of today, I have published 2,715 posts here at Probaway, all of which I believed when writing them were helpful to other people, and yet as of now I haven’t earned a single cent. Some have even said I may have saved their life. I am happy about that, but I write this to assert that I am not a swaggering idiot. I do give things that are helpful to other people. Isn’t that being nice to people? It seems that –

It is not the helping of people that is desired, but their perception of being cared for personally.