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A Dictionary of New Epigrams


To be successful in your goals means accomplishing some major portion of your goals’ tasks.

Just thinking about goals and never doing anything toward accomplishing them will bring on a slowly growing depression.

To leave the world a better place than we found it is a worthy goal, but it does require some thought as to what a better world would be.

In a Darwinian sense you have succeeded when your offspring have offspring.

Many of life’s tasks are worth doing even if you do a lousy job of it.

Many things are not worth doing, even if you do them exquisitely well.

Is it success to own many tons of gold in a hole in the ground?

If everything you do is perfectly successful, it is time to try a few things that are more difficult.

Success creates enthusiasm in ordinary people, but failure doesn’t dampen enthusiasm in great ones.

The secret of success is choosing goals you can reach, preparing the path for reaching them, and then going forward with enthusiasm.

Great successes are founded on the acceptance of many failures.

Most people will run away from risk, so to chase people away from some silly thing they might want, just expose the risks to them of trying to get it.

Success is founded on a conception of the future condition, followed by thoughts of the things necessary that need to be done, and then doing them.

All success is the result of completed actions.

A certain way to failure is to avoid success when it’s available.

A certain route to success is to create a need that only you can fulfill.

You can cultivate a successful personality by making promises to yourself and then keeping them.

Success helps wise people to be kind, and foolish people to be cruel.

The easiest road to personal success is found in being kind to others.