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A Dictionary of New Epigrams


Wisdom is gained by paying attention to what is really happening.

Some believe they gain wisdom by sitting still as a rock statue, but that is the wisdom of a rock statue.

There are a vast number of human situations, and each requires its own wisdom, and it is doing the right thing for a given situation that demonstrates wisdom.

When one uses his wisdom to understand the moment, and the future developments of the moment, and act appropriately, he seems not wise, but boring.

It is a very wise man who can learn from everyone, because so many we encounter can only provide examples of what not to do, and few, if any, examples of what to do.

It is wise to pull your chestnuts from the fire when they are done.

Much of what is claimed to be wisdom is codified into the words believe, hope and obey.

Praise that activity that a man is doing of his own volition that promotes the common well-being of humanity.

Unthinking, unethical Nature is always wise, good and fair, as it always permits what can be done, and prevents what can not be done from being done.

Our experience of the Universe is miniscule, and yet we can extrapolate from what we do know to the whole of it, because the Universe is so consistent.

It doesn’t take much wisdom to realize that putting a bullet in one’s brain removes any possibility of enjoying tomorrow’s conversations.

Wisdom is easily attained if we observe the cycles of causes and their effects, and repeating cycles. Instead we choose to believe what we hope might be true.

Socrates obviously was in error when he claimed that among the all the Greeks he knew nothing. Obviously he knew the Greek language. He may well have said he understood nothing, and has been misunderstood, or mistranslated or lied about.

Nearly everyone works for their own benefit, and that is as it should be, but there are a few who work for the benefit of all humanity, of all life, and that too is as it should be.

The wise-sounding proclamation that we know nothing is silly, but it is inevitable that in the long run what we know will amount to nothing.

If you seek to be wiser, seek conversations with the wisest people available.

The more clearly we understand the arbitrary qualities of our opinions, the more kindly we can treat other people and other living things.

Many who are called wise and said things that seemed wise, and are revered as being wise, functionally committed suicide, and multitudes of their followers were killed because of their beliefs.

True wisdom is invisible because it brings tranquility, contentment and a quiet life.