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A Dictionary of New Epigrams


This morning my email informed me that a friend, Kelsey Collins, had just died.

Kelsey Collins

Kelsey Collins of Sisters, Oregon

I immediately wrote the following thoughts and read it to my Tuesday morning discussion group, of which she was a deeply loved member. My image at the moment of writing was of her passing the gates of life and being asked a question, to which she responded:

I lived well. I do not need to live again.

I brought children into the world. I brought laughter and good feelings to my friends. I helped people, many unknown to me, find a better way through their life.  I helped dying people find comfort in their departure from their lives, and I departed my own life when I chose to, and I returned to the cosmos from which my being arose.

I lived well, I do not need to live again.

A Dictionary of New Epigrams – Death

That was enough of that! I’m moving on.

I wasn’t. I am. I will cease to be. I’m content with that. A Classic Roman saying

When death comes to you, participate with all your being for it will not come to you again.

When you choose to stop participating in the moment, it’s time to die.

The instant a being is conceived it is old, old enough to die.

I too will soon be dead, but why should that bother me, as I have known since I was a child that it was coming.

Darwin said, the goal of life is to survive and reproduce, and then to get out of the way.

Our friend being dead is our problem not theirs.

The fear of making fools of ourselves keeps us from living fully, and the fear of appearing foolish makes us conform to the foolishness of fools.

At the moment of death one must feel as if their life was but a moment.

At death I return to participating fully in the physical reality of the cosmos, without disturbing it with my thoughts and motivated actions.

Living is the astonishing thing in the Universe, as non-life is the default condition.

It is inevitable that our life work is incomplete, as there is always some little thing that we could change, but to be content we must accept the fact that at every instant our work is finished.

With death we are forever gone, we are just not aware that we are gone.