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A Dictionary of New Epigrams


Doubt is a momentary condition between the choice of options that can lead to depression when a decision can not be made.

An extended period in doubt brings on despair.

When in doubt it is usually best to make a decision and then give it your best effort.

The Classic Greeks knew that doubt destroys self-confidence, so when all rational avenues had been explored they asked the Delphi Oracle what to do. Then they acted on the advice as if the gods themselves told them what to do.

A man whose life is based on beliefs in untestable nonsense must be absolute in his beliefs, because once he begins to doubt, to doubt even a single part of his fantasy, his whole world collapses into chaos. A man with absolute beliefs lives in a brittle world and a tiny crack will shatter the whole thing and then plunge him into despair because there is nothing solid in his reality to hang on to, only shattered shards.

For those who believe in absolute truths, which is an impossibility, to move into the world of relative truth is reality-shattering and therefore avoided as infinitely painful.

A skeptic is a person who believes one shouldn’t base one’s beliefs on the unbelievable.

Actions related to a trivial doubt that are similar to those needed to eliminate a serious doubt will make it easier to make the decisions that will eliminate the serious doubt.

To be an absolute atheist is as absurd as to be an absolute believer in a god, because it is an idea that is impossible to prove absolutely.

The finding of a purpose is the leaving of a doubt.

Conflict forces action and eliminates doubts. It’s the soul of do or die.

Doubt groveled in soon becomes failure achieved.

Scientific doubting is not doubting one’s self, but doubting another’s analysis of facts and assumptions.

It is by exploring the unknowns and doubts that questions arise that can be answered.

Unanswerable religious doubts create real suffering for those who can’t ignore them.

Upon specific occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, reading a book or searching the news, pause for a moment and pose a counter-argument to the suppositions.

People raised in a home of rigid beliefs will find it difficult not to believe firmly in something.

The more you know the more opportunities you have to doubt.

Inquiry generates doubts, but when the doubts are resolved what remains is a more reliable and functional truth.

Doubt is at the beginning but not at the end of wisdom.

Some people claim to be the center of the Universe, and claim that all knowledge already resides within them. Certainty eliminates doubt but inhibits flexibility of action.

To doubt is part of the flexibility demanded by living, but to become certain is to become rigid like death.

To have courage to face reality as it comes is a habit to cultivate and then one can face doubts about anything, even failure.