The Bend photographers’ meeting Wednesday was focused on The Coming of Spring. I hadn’t taken any pictures with that subject in mind, but last Saturday, on my way to an 8 AM discussion I noticed the Moon and a rainbow were close together. Everything about this was transient, and moving, so I pulled over to the side of the road and took this picture out the open window.

The Moon and rainbow

The Moon with a rainbow and a wet Oregon street at 8 AM

There was a lot of negative discussion about this photo. The distracting power lines, the meaninglessness of the image, the poor cropping of the photo, and all sorts of distractions. But they did agree that it was a good image of springtime in Bend. Actually, when I took the picture, my total stopping time was about ten seconds, and I assumed I would crop it, if I ever bothered to do anything with it.

A photo of the Moon with a rainbow

Rainbow and Moon on Oregon street, at 8 AM in Bend, Oregon

Well, I suppose it still isn’t much of a photo, kind of a journey around a bend in search of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, with the Moon aiding in pointing the way, and a Druid-like pine tree leaning into the undefined confusion. It was an overly abstract story for a camera club that talks a lot about cropping and blurry backgrounds, and almost never about the message, mood, or artistic challenge to conventional thinking.