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Many humans give prayerful thanks to various unseen gods, or to a singular God, and some to visible Nature. It would be a considerate thing for us to go to our ultimate source of being and give thanks to The Four Fundamental Forces of Nature. They are gravitational, electromagnetic, strong nuclear, and weak nuclear. These fundamentals are not affected by human confirmation biases, and thus a projection of our hopes onto reality, but are actual things that can be observed with the right tools, like the ones at CERN.

It is a reasonable behavior to give an occasional thank you to the realities we live within, not because they can perceive our thanks, but that we may form a more responsible relationship with them. Doing this would help us to live more honest and comfortable lives. These prayers could be similar to this one to gravity:

May my thoughts, dreams and habits be in agreement with the fundamental forces of Nature; and as gravity is always present for me, let me accept it as a key component of my reality, and choose to live within it and willingly respect its behaviors. Thank you, gravity, for being so consistent and dependable.