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A Dictionary of New Epigrams


The main difference between a man and a dog is that the dog doesn’t bite the hand that feeds him.

Show gratitude for the good things that come to you, and contentment for the rest.

Demonstrate gratitude by being kind to all providers.

A well said “Thank you!” is to acknowledge gratitude, but it is even better when it is followed by a kind act.

Giving a thank you to a non-existent supernatural being is good because it does create a habit of being aware of the many gifts that come our way.

Whatever we demonstrate our gratitude toward grows in healthy vigor.

Demonstrate gratitude for the life you have been granted.

You may reasonably feel gratitude for the supernatural creation of the Universe, but to show gratitude to the people who are kind to you will be more appreciated.

The habit of thankfulness makes kindness easy.

Gratitude for others’ helpful actions pulls in gratitude for one’s own helpful actions.

Create a flow of good feelings in others and good feelings will wash back over you.

Show gratitude to reality for providing you with consciousness of your own being by using it wisely.

Say thank you to your own body, and to your parents, and their parents, and their parents all the way back to the first being. Without them you wouldn’t be here.

The modern world of commerce cultivates the feeling of dissatisfaction that they claim can only be cured by buying their products, but it is identifying oneself with unsatisfiable desires and with ingratitude with what one is.

Often a demonstration of gratitude is but a sneaky request for more goodies.

Thanksgiving day should be every day of your life.

Gratitude is the activity of allowing ourselves to be grateful for whatever happens in our life. Look at the sky and smile, look at everything and smile. What wonderful gifts they are.

He who is not grateful for his life has lost it.

When you eat a meal, pause and consider the vast number of people who made it possible for that food to be in your body.

Even in the worst of times we are buoyed up by a vast network of previous good deeds.

Make your acts of gratitude habitual.

Give thanks to the actions, and gratitude to their source.

Be thankful, even for the roses’ thorns, for they protect the beauty and fragrance.

A demonstration of gratitude is a sure sign that a person is awake.