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I experiment with various things every day, and perhaps what I was doing at lunch today would be called playing with my food. What happened was that I and my spouse were having lunch at one of the nicer restaurants here in Bend, Oregon, and along with our meal we had purchased one bottle of beer. I drink about one bottle of beer a week, and often as not only half a bottle at a time, by splitting it and sharing. This time the beer was served in a bottle, with an empty standard British pint glass beside it. What transpired was that I poured half the beer into the glass for Debbie, with the intent of drinking from the bottle myself, but she opined that I had given her more than half, and offered for me to drink some from the glass to even things up. I had already had a sip from the bottle, so it was a slightly different experience when drinking from the glass. Normally, I would either drink the whole serving from a glass or from a bottle, whichever way the beverage was served, so this drinking the same beverage in two different ways was just a bit different. However, my instant observation was that the two drinks tasted quite different. I immediately went back and forth between the two beverage containers trying to figure out why they tasted different.

Here is why they tasted different, and I suggest you do the experiment so you don’t think I am just making this up. When I drink from a bottle the beverage is coming through a small hole and it flows down the center of my tongue to the back of my mouth; but when I drink from a glass the stream of fluid coming past my lips is much wider and thus it covers the entire width of my tongue while it is flowing back. Because my whole tongue gets covered with beverage, I get a more flavorful experience.

You might think this method of drinking a beverage a trivial thing, but earlier today, after this experience, I was in a discussion group and someone mentioned that eating was one of the great pleasures of their life. If that is true it would seem that enhancing that experience even a little would improve their life quite a lot. To enhance this method of drinking a bit, pull the liquid into a small puddle between the tongue and the front teeth, and then flow it back over the top of the tongue to the swallowing position. That also gives a bit more flavor to the beverage.

Drink and eat to enhance pleasure and never for the suppression of emotional pain.