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When an unknown opportunity knocks at least open the door. The world is still filled with many potential unknowns that are easily discovered. That is clearly a false statement, because no one can never know something that is unknown; however, I would say that nearly every day I discover some little thing that so far as I know no one has ever stated. The assumption is that if I frequently discover new things there must be a multitude of things remaining to be discovered.

This blog has discussed unknown unknowns and how to search for them. It is difficult to suggest what one should do, but it is possible to suggest approaching a potential new idea with the confidence that you can cope with it, and then proceed to work with the new thing with a competent attitude that doing the necessary things will solve the problems, and then try to apply your solution to the problem in a way that will be helpful to other people.

An illustration of the ubiquity of new things remaining to be discovered is a silly thing I did a couple of months ago. Holes were developing in the heels of some recently purchased wool socks. In the past I would have worn them for the rest of the day and then discarded them, but that time I put some duct tape over the still small holes. That worked just fine, but the sticky of the tape protruded through the hole and stuck to my skin. It was a bit uncomfortable, so I stuck some tape on the inside of the sock too, and continued wearing them. They have lasted many times longer from when the hole first appeared than they would have.

When an opportunity presents itself, usually in the form of a problem, spend a moment considering how it might be solved. Attempt to do it, and then publish your results, whether they be good, bad or indifferent.