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Here is an update on the easiest diet there will ever be. It works because the jelly beans’ intense chemical flavoring overwhelms your taste buds, and then regular food tastes like :(-. This blog has previous posts about this jelly bean method of controlling eating, as well as other diets. That earlier method was to place a jelly bean on your plate for every five pounds you want to lose and then eat them slowly after you finish eating your meal. The intention was to eliminate the desire to continue eating. That works okay, but the overeating might have already occurred. Eating the jelly beans before you start eating is counter-productive because it makes all eating unpleasant, and because I like eating the wonderful meals my spouse prepares for me, that ruined my day. This new method only ruins it a little for a minute or two.

Here’s how to stop eating when you reach the point that you have decided is right for you. For each five pounds you wish to lose, place a jelly bean on your plate. I use Jelly Belly® brand jellybeans because they have wonderfully intense flavors.

Three jelly beans with lunch

Here is a picture of my lunch today with three jelly beans at the top of the plate.

We had an Indian-style lunch today, but with a jelly bean for each of the five pounds I could lose. Actually, a BMI of 27 at my age might be near ideal for me, but this is an illustration of the jelly bean diet. In this case there are three beans, so visually divide the servings into three separate portions, and begin eating by consuming one of the three. You can mix these any way you choose, but after eating one-third of the total meal, pause and eat one of the jelly beans. Chew it slowly and savor it in your mouth. Take at least half a minute doing this. Then eat another third of the original meal, and then chew another jelly bean, and then finish the whole plate of food and chew up the last jelly bean. That’s the whole diet. Quite easy, isn’t it? But here is why this super simple diet will work. After eating those three jelly beans any dessert will taste mediocre, and you won’t want to eat it. After doing this diet a few times you will be conditioned to not even want a dessert. Also, after the first of the three jelly beans the remaining portions won’t taste as good, so you will find it easier to stop eating sooner. The first third still tastes as good as ever, so it isn’t impossible to start this diet. It doesn’t take any will power at all, only putting the jelly beans on the plate, and you can get your spouse to do that when the plate is being dished up.

I find after doing many diets that I have gotten bored with any and all of them; so I have learned to only follow a diet for two weeks and then coast two weeks until I start another diet, or other habit at the dinner table. After a few years I’ve done lots of diets, and it has been entertaining, but they all take some mental effort to maintain for long. I have made it into a game so it’s been easier and more fun.

Get enough jelly beans for two weeks and put some at your eating table, and some in a package in your pocket, and never eat anything without eating a jelly bean half way through. If it’s a questionable snack you are having, chew one just before you begin. That won’t keep you from eating it, but you will lose the lust for the snack after a couple of weeks.

The three jelly bean diet has been the easiest diet I’ve created, so far.