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A Dictionary of New Epigrams


Love is an expression in actions of the respect for another’s intentions.

Love isn’t some drugs, even natural ones, sloshing around in your brain; love is a set of helpful actions of thoughtful attention directed at another being.

To be loved you must express qualities that are lovable.

From the first moment with a new person be who you really are, because first impressions must be followed up or there will always be unresolvable tensions.

Everything can be loved when it is accepted as it is.

The past is constantly being changed into a fixed permanent thing; we can choose to accept it now as it is now, and love it, and live in tranquility or choose to reject it and live in constant stress.

We have no choice but to live in the moment, in the inertia of the past, and that is our reality of the eternal now. We have no choice but to obey it, and we live more tranquilly if we choose to love it rather than oppose it.

“The only certainties in life are death and taxes,”it has been said, and if we accept those as certainties we can choose to be comfortable with them, even to love them.

Grasping for something you can never have is certain to give you pain; loving what you do have is certain to give you pleasure.

Giving our total attention to another is our highest form of love.

Attention directed totally to oneself is like looking at parallel mirrors where our image recedes into the infinite distance, growing ever smaller, until it seems an invisible nothing.

The Universe is constantly doing exactly what it does and lives on in its own inertia, and if it had consciousness of its actions it would continue to do exactly what it’s doing. It is a form of infinite self-love.

The most important statement ever created is – He’s lovable.

Giving your full attention to helping another person trains you to give your full attention to helping yourself. Thus, being kind to another person is the most intense form of self-love.

To love fully is to be as the Universe, and to permit all things that can be done and prevent all things that can not be done.

Love that is not expressed in kind actions is only thoughts and emotions that evaporate into time and space, but if they are manifest they become a part of the real Universe.

We learn to love by loving and that is done by discovering another’s needs and helping them to fulfill those needs. Thus, loving is a habit that can be learned.

Love is always available; just say yes to what is here.