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Silicon is the eighth most common element in the universe by mass, and the second most abundant element in the Earth’s crust (about 28% by mass) after oxygen. The “future-expectancy” of Earth is 7.5 billion years, so there is plenty of time and material and solar energy to convert a huge amount of Earth’s silicon to various kinds of computer chips, and move beyond the Solar system. Silicon can made into memory chips, CPU chips and solar energy chips to be converted into electrical energy and no doubt other uses are available. Once these chips are made they have a long useful life expectancy. There are other materials that could be used besides silicon, but I will use this as a symbol for the whole process.

What will happen when this process of converting silicon to memory and intelligence and interconnectedness is continued for billions of years? The methods for doing these conversions to usefulness are presently known and are continuing to be improved at a rapid rate; also their power and total quantity is being greatly increased daily. Also, at present by making single-molecule-thick sheets it is more efficient. Even if there is no improvement beyond current production methods and rates, when we figure in the enormous amount of time available, there are possibilities that move into many orders of magnitude more of this thinking stuff existing. These materials of our moment are not even being considered in a more efficient neuronal method of thinking, or layered memory/cpu/memory/cpu, but just accepting much, much more of what is presently available. What happens in a thousand years of current production, or a million, or a billion?

Does the Earth and surrounding space become converted into solar collectors to power all of the silicon of the Earth into “interacting information mass”, or into knowledge, or into wisdom, or into something even more transcendent than always doing the exactly right thing at exactly the right time? Does that mean eventually converting all of our galaxy and the available Universe into intelligent interconnected material? At present the Universe does interact in various ways via light and gravity, but this new single-minded intelligence would comprise everything and would be interacting in some purposive way. But what would make sense to this Universal intelligence? Would it choose self-preservation and just making more of its singular thinking self as an end goal? In our present living world converting everything possible into living stuff seems to be the route that biologic evolution takes, so why wouldn’t silicon do the same thing?

Survive and reproduce one’s self is the goal of an evolving silicone living system.