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A Dictionary of New Epigrams


Being ethical means doing the right thing at the right time for the right reasons.

It is unethical to promise to do things that are impossible.

Lying is easy to do, but hard to maintain except with another lie, but truth is difficult too, because it requires a statement of testable fact, and words are inherently imprecise.

Liars have unlimited opportunities, because they are limited only by their imagination and the gullibility of their listeners.

Being ethical is an action of personal character; it is a habit that has been intentionally cultivated by being ethical at every opportunity. Creating that habit requires a thoughtful consideration and action at appropriate opportunities.

It is the little unconsidered actions where habitual character is exposed, because in the big things, where others are watching, there is opportunity to pretend.

Your character is the result of your practice of ethical conduct. You decide your actions and build your habits and thus create your character.

Use of time, attention and action are the foundation of our real ethics, and words are only playthings of our minds. Actions are the measure of all things human.

Honesty is speaking the truth; integrity is performing the truth; both are driven by the habitual core of one’s ethics.

When someone is compelled to perform some action it doesn’t show his character or ethic, but when he is free to act as he chooses his ethics are revealed.

We form our habits to fit our situations, thus we must be careful as to what situations we let ourselves be subjected to; if we want to become ethical, we must practice being ethical.

To know a person’s character observe them when they have freedom of action relative to a given type of situation.

A person’s inner ethic isn’t revealed in their words, but in their unconstrained actions.

Our previous thoughts influence our conscious actions, and out of these actions we form our unconscious habits, and from our abundance of habits our character is formed, and from our character our goals, and from these our accomplishments and our effect on ourselves and our society.